Some Junk Removal stories

Firewood Junk Removal

North Vancouver enjoyed almost a week long sunny weather. This is when everyone in North Vancouver starts cleaning their houses. That is when my phone goes crazy and I am flying around trying to catch up with my orders.  I had this nice couple in Deep Cove who called me to come over and look at a back yard junk they needed to get rid of. I like working in that part of North Vancouver.  I showed up and I was taken to the back yard. It was old wooden logs. They must have been there for couple of years. The wood logs were rotten so it wasn’t going to be easy to pick them up. The other challenge was that the back yard was not accessible. However, there was a fire station next door. So the couple asked the fire department captain if we could throw the logs over the fence where my truck would be.  Next day I came back and started loading the logs. These jobs are usually more difficult than just removing a mattress, boxspring, stove, dryer, washer or a desk. It is messy and it takes longer to load it in the truck. Naturally, I charge more for it. However, this is a good workout.  While I was loading the logs, the couple was cutting and collecting some old branches. This way they got rid of everything they needed me to take to the junk removal station. The job could not be finished that day because it was almost the end of the day. So I came back the next day.  It took me another hour and their backyard looked much better. They were so happy with the junk removal service I did for them that they even offered me a case of beer.  I was delighted to work with them.  I hope they call again.

Dry wall – Junk Removal North Vancouver

I don’t usually do dry removal for my junk removal business but once in a while I do if I see that the client has no other choice.  Getting rid of dry wall is problematic in my opinion. It is hard to estimate how much it will cost at the transfer station in North Vancouver.  There was a time when someone called my junk removal business and needed me to get rid of their dry wall. I quoted them $90, but when I went to the transfer station, I was charged $78. I worked for $12. Not a good decision. So I avoid dry wall. Also, my truck gets so dirty after dry wall order. However, in this case I knew the client and I told him that I will take it for him to the junk removal station and I will bring him back the receipt. Then he will pay me on top of the disposal fee. It worked out pretty good.  He lived in deep cove area and as always, I love working there. The day before that I removed some junk for him from his house. It was some cardboard, boxes, wood, kitchen counter, toilet seat,  plastic, planting pots and some yard waste.
It took about 2 pickup trucks. So two days later I came back to get rid of his dry wall. It was a quick drive to his house since I live in North Vancouver too.  I loaded the dry wall into my pickup truck in about 1 hour. While I was doing that, we were chatting. He seems to like chatting with me and I am a good chatter.  Some of the small dry wall was in boxes so that made it a bit easier. I managed to load it into one truck.  I drove carefully to the transfer station in North Vancouver.  The load was heavy. It took me about 5 min to get to the junk station. There I needed about 20 min to unload it. Some of the plastic boxes broke. I think the dry wall sucked the moisture from the plastic and it made it brittle. The truck didn’t get too dirty. I drove back to my client in North Vancouver and I got a nice check for my junk removal services. He even tipped me well.


Junk Removal from Vancouver Garage

I turned off my google ads for the weekend. I decided to go driving with my truck in squamish valley. Not too far from North Vancouver. Naturally, I didn’t want people calling me when my cell didn’t have reception. However, when I got back I had 2 calls. One I couldn’t take because it was from out of town, but the other one was from Vancouver. I don’t usually work there but the person seemed in a rush to get rid of his junk. He needed a junk removal company as soon as possible. It was Sunday morning and there was no traffic. I arrived at the back where his garage was. He had stored the junk there. It turned out someone recommended me to him because of my high level of service. I always like hearing that my junk removal business has impressed someone. I got to work and from the very beginning I could see that his junk will fit into one truck. He had some drywall, lumber material, wood broken furniture, and metal sheets. Some of the wood material had to be cut since they were over 10 feet long. The drywall was a lot more than he estimated to me over the phone so I had to increase my fees. Drywall costs double to dispose of and I have to be careful when I am dealing with it. Junk Removal requires you to know how much the load weights just by looking at it. So I loaded the junk in less than 20 min. It was full to the top and there was no room for the metal sheets. The problem with the metal sheets is that they were over 10 feet long and the North Vancouver transfer station would not take them. However, at the end we decided to try to bend one of them. It worked and we managed to take all of them. The client was happy to see his garage empty of all the junk he needed to dispose of. I drove to the North Vancouver Transfer station, which took me 15 min due to no traffic. I had to first dispose of the metal sheets. Then I had to get rid of the wood and the other junk. I left the station and went in again to dispose of the drywall. This way, I get charged only for the drywall double the fee. If there are more than 2 sheets of drywall, they treat the whole junk load as a drywall and you pay a lot.

Junk Removal North Vancouver – Bushes disposal

I got an email from a client asking me to remove some bushes from her front yard in North Vancouver.  She told me that the bushes were too heavy for her and her husband to lift. She wasn’t at home and I offered to come by and take a look since the bushes were visible from the road. In the junk removal business often the only way to be able to give a good quote, the best thing to do is to drive to the job and see what you are dealing with.  I drove to the outskirts of North Vancouver and I pulled to the side of the house. The bushes were right there. They didn’t look that big but I could tell that it will take about a truck load. The lady asked me in her next email if I could fit some additional junk into the same load. I wrote her back that it will not be possible.  Good thing I didn’t tell her that she could add more junk to the bushes.

I came back next day to do the job. Good thing that I brought a saw to cut the branches. When you are doing junk removal in North Vancouver you should keep in mind that trees that are too big will not be accepted in the transfer station in North Vancouver.  I needed to cut more than just the branches. I realized that those bushes were very heavy and I couldn’t lift them myself.  I had an electrical saw but it didn’t seem to work so well. I had a manual one from a client I did a junk removal job for in North Vancouver some time ago.  That saw worked so much better.  Cutting the bushes made a big difference. Without the cutting the bushes, this junk removal job would have turned into 2 truck loads and the client would have paid twice the quoted price.  I had everything on top of the truck and I harnessed it really tight. You don’t want anything flying while you are driving down to road.

I drove to the North Vancouver Transfer Station.  Naturally the guy at the weight station designated my junk as green waste rubbish. In Junk Removal business, green waste is easier to deal with than regular junk. It is cheaper to dispose of and it is light.  Also it doesn’t stink.  I got the yard waste dumped and decided to go home. But before I could leave the transfer station in North Vancouver, I got a call from someone who needed my junk removal services.

The gentleman had taken apart his deck and he had a pile of old rotten wood. He told me that he cut them so they are not longer than 6 feet. If you are in the junk removal business, you need to know that at the North Vancouver Transfer Station they won’t take objects longer than 6 feet. So, what he did was a useful step. The guys at North Vancouver Transfer Station are not that strict with me because I have been in the junk removal business for some time and I see them every day. However, if I bring an appliance 9 feet tall or a 8 feet long furniture, they might have a problem with it. The client was calling from North Vancouver so I decided to just drive by and take a look at the junk he needed disposed.  I was there in 10 min.  I looked at the pile and I it looked just like the one I did couple of days before.

However, the pile wood looked smaller and the wood didn’t look so heavy. The other junk removal job had heavy rotten wood that has been on the rain for some time. This one was not is such a bad condition.  I gave the client a quote and he liked it. I start loading the wood into my truck.  It took me about 30 minutes to finish the junk removal job. I drove to the North Vancouver Transfer Station and again my junk was designated as green waste. However, in the junk removal business, sometimes you underestimate how much a junk load weights. I underestimated the weight and I didn’t make much money on this order. But this is fine. This happens once in a while.  I unloaded the green waste in about 10 min and headed home.

Then I got another call. A client need my junk removal services again in North Vancouver. He had an old couch he need to dispose.  He lived on the other side of North Vancouver but it took me 15 minutes to get there. This is what I like about junk removal in North Vancouver.  You don’t spend too much time in traffic. This way you can focus on the junk removal aspect.  If I am doing junk removal in Vancouver, I have to fight traffic most of the time. The couch was not so big but this was the heaviest couch I have seen.  I put it on the truck and tight it down really well. Couch disposal is quick and easy.  Unlike random junk, couch disposal  is one single object and putting it and taking it off the truck is fast. However, you need to be strong. I drove it to North Vancouver Transfer Station and dumped with the rest of the junk. Then I drove home and finally managed to finish my day.