Junk Removal For North Vancouver



The track is 10 cubic yards. It is 12 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet high. One cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet b 3 feet. If you want to think in terms of regular pick up truck, the 10 cubic yard truck in this picture can fit about 3 pick up trucks loads. The more you fill the truck with rubbish, the cheaper it gets per cubic yard. For example if you fill in the whole truck, you should expect to pay a fee of between $350 and $400. On the other hand 1800 junk companies will present you a fee of $700 for each truck.

We service North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay and Lions Bay areas.



The fee list above is pretty good indication for how much a junk removal in North Vancouver will cost you to be disposed by our company. For most single items the fees are straight forward. Items such as refrigerators, mattresses, and couches have a standard weight and size. Most companies will charge you extra $30 per mattress if it is king size. We do not do that. The difference in costs for us for a single mattress and a king size mattress is not that significant, therefore we do not feel it is fair to charge you extra.However, in some cases like old furniture, weight difference can be significant. These cases are as rare as 1% of our orders and we would add a small extra charge of as low as $10. There were few cases when furniture was left outside in the North Vancouver rain for months and its weight was increased by 2-3 times. In those cases the extra charge was more significant.


We think it is fair to give you a discount on multiple junk items. After all, in the price of each item we include the costs for gas and labor hours. Hence when you have more than one item, the costs for each item decreases a little bit for us. For example you have a couch, desk and a mattress. When adding each individual cost, the total will be $210. At that point we look at the estimated total weight and size of the total load and we can determine the amount of discount we can give you. In this case we can go as low as $150 in most cases.


Most other companies will charge you for that. Their fees are curbside fees. That means they will charge you extra $20 to $30 per item just to take it outside your house or apartment. Only in cases when furniture is extremely heavy, we will need to send more people to take it out and therefore fees will be higher. One example of such items is couches.


One way to save money with our company is to have small items and yard waste bagged/boxed and ready for pickup. Carrying each small item from the house to the truck takes time and labor cost accumulates. Small items in bags and boxes are 5 times as fast and easy to load into a truck. You can save significant money on this. Pay us only for what we are specialized in…Junk Removal.


Many junk items can be recycled. In a way, we don’t really have a choice but to recycle, because at the transfers stations in North Vancouver, recycling policies are strictly enforced. Recyclable items are not allowed to be disposed with the rest of the garbage. Fines are imposed! Here are some of the items that are recycled.

  • Metal
  • Large Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Green waste
  • Untreated wood
  • Bottles
  • Mattress
  • Box Spring
  • Drywall



Some people might decide to do junk removal themselves instead of paying a junk removal company for the service. In most cases if you have your own truck, you can get rid of your junk without hiring rubbish disposal company. However, before you do that, read on. While I was at the North Shore Transfer Station, I saw a man with a rental truck doing his own junk removal. On the pick up truck it said that the rental was $19.98 per day. I knew that he must have paid more so I decided to aks. He replied that the rent came up to around $90 with insurance and taxes.

I could see right from the start that he is in trouble because half of his junk was a rubbish that has to be double bagged and it wasn’t. So he dropped half of his junk and then left. However, that doesn’t matter to the management at North Shore Transfer Station. They will charge him the minimum $20. So far he spent $80 on the truck, $20 junk fee, 1 hour to get the junk on the truck, another hour to drive to the transfer station, wait in line and then unloade the junk by hand. Now he has to drive home, put the junk in double bags and then drive back , wait in line, upload the junk and then pay another $20 minimum charge for the junk. That should add another hour. So with the gas bill, he must have spent over $130 and over 2 hours. Hiring me would have cost him less than $150 for the junk I saw in his truck. He would have saved $20, 2 hours of his day and tons of physical energy. I can see how someone might say that this example is rare. I have to tell you that this happens alot more often than you think. Simply put, junk removal involves so many different types of rubbish and each one have its own rules and regulations. When I started my junk removal business, it took me more than three months before I stop paying for such mistakes. Some of these mistakes cost me money. Other such mistakes around junk removal jobs forced me to drive all the way to delta and still having to come back with most of the junk. I hope you read this and see it as an advice and not as a marketing strategy I am trying on you.

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