Junk removal services for North Vancouver

North Vancouver Rubbish Removal

If you live in North Vancouver and you need junk removal company to haul away your junk, you have come to the right place. This article will help you understand how rubbish removal is done, how to find the best service provider on the North Shore and how much does it cost. These are the basic questions most of our clients have but you can find additional information on this page if you read the whole article.

How to find a reliable trash removal company in North Vancouver?

This is not the most frequent question our clients have but it is the most important detail to get right if you want to avoid dealing with the wrong company. This actually happens often enough since our industry is having many players who are having an interesting idea of how a business should be run. You can do your usual google search and get a list of junk removal companies in North Vancouver. Common sense then dictates that you should just compare junk removal rates and choose the cheapest one. That worked many years ago when business ethics were on a much higher level. Today few companies care about their reputation. On top of that, every pile of garbage is very unique and it is hard to create a standard rates for the junk removal services. Therefore, the prices you will see on websites are simply estimations, unless you are looking at single items pickup such as a couch removal or mattress recycling service. Also, some junk disposal companies don’t include dumping fees and other hidden fees into their total charges. Therefore, comparing hauling rates between two companies might be misleading. So, the best way to tell which company is most likely going to do a good job for you is to call that company. Speak to the representative and pay attention to how you are treated on the phone. If they are rude to you or are avoiding some basic questions regarding how much does it cost to hire them, then you better moved to the next company. The way they treat you on the phone will not be different how they treat you on the day they come to haul away your stuff.

How much does junk removal cost?

This is the most asked question and it is understandable why. We have clients with horror stories about charges from some of the 1800 junk companies. Just today I had a regular client who lost my business card and had to deal with one of the big companies. For 4 bags of garbage they charged him $200. Therefore, we understand why people living in  North Vancouver and West Vancouver are weary of rates. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, unless we see your garbage, it is hard to give you very precise service rate. However, if you send us a picture or we come to see it, we will give you a solid final rate. There are two types of hauling jobs as far as quantity is concerned. The small hauling pick ups are such as sofa removal, mattress disposal, washer and dryer recycling and so on. These are single items and we have a charge per item. It ranges between $80 and $150 per item depending on how soon you need it removed and where it is located on your property. If you have two or three items, each additional one is more than half the price of the first one. It gets much cheaper since we don’t have to make a trip for each item. Therefore, you can save money by calling us for bigger jobs less often instead of calling us more often for smaller pick ups. That leads us into the bigger hauling projects. These are priced based on volume. We have a big truck that has a rate for a full load. If you have half of that, then we charge you half the rate. Since our garbage removal company pays the city of North Vancouver disposal fees at the dump based on weight, rates will vary based on how heavy your waste material is. For example if you have a full load of heavy tiles, we can’t charge you the same we charged you for full load of furniture.

Recycling in North Vancouver

Our company believes in recycling as much as the city bylaws allow us to . For example we recycle metal, large appliances, all electronics, cardboard, green waste, untreated and pain-free wood, drywall, paint, mattresses and box springs, some plastics and all bottles. We even donate furniture that is in good condition to charities.  Why do we recycle? We like Grouse Mountain, Deep Cover and Lynn Canyon and we want to contribute to protecting such natural treasures by minimizing the amount of garbage being thrown away.