Junk Removal – How to get rid of your junk in North Vancouver

All of us at some point have to deal with junk that can’t just be thrown in the trash and expect the city to pick it up. I remember seeing those 1-800 trucks and wondering how are they making money from picking people’s rubbish. My understanding back then was that they actually pay for your unwanted junk such as mattress, couch or refrigerator. How wrong was I.


Junk Removal in North Vancouver is not as expensive as people think. You have to do your shopping around for a reasonable priced rubbish removal company. Avoid the big ones unless you don’t care about price. The difference between pricing for removing your junk can be quite substantial. For example some companies charge $90 to pick up your mattress. But if you do your shopping around, you could have your mattress removed by a rubbish removal company for under $50. Saving $40 is not a little amount of money to save. Junk your mattress. Don’t junk your cash.


You could save some money by going to the dump ground in North Vancouver. But I strongly advice against it. You may save some money but it is not worth the trouble. These places have complicated rules and unless you are there every day, these rules are not easy to understand. Also the place is not somewhere where you want to be. It stinks and most of the time has long lineups. However, to be fair, if you live in North Vancouver and you must get rid of your junk, you will like the guys working in the North Vancouver transfer station. They are very friendly and reasonable.


Now you have found the Junk Removal Company that you want. You like their pricing and you like the way you were treated over the phone. The point about how you get treated is very important. If you were treated badly over the phone, expect the same when they come to pick up you junk. These things usually are not limited only to one person in the rubbish company. Most junk removal companies will not give you a quote over the phone. They will offer to come and give you a free estimation for your rubbish. This is something you should take. It is not easy to estimate how much junk you have over the phone unless you have mattress, couch, tv, refrigerator, table, stove, washer, dryer and so on. You get the idea.


Before a representative of the junk removal company comes, take some steps that will help you save some money on your rubbish disposal.


For example, yard rubbish and waste can be difficult to sort and carry to the junk removal truck if it is all over your yard. Place it in garbage bags if you can. If the junk removal company guy comes in and spends 2 hours trying to pull things out of a messy pile of junk, then you will be billed for those 2 hours.


Some of you might not mind spending the money for someone else to place junk in plastic bags. But this can be completely avoided in most cases. When creating the junk in the first place, don’t just throw it in a pile with everything else. Junk removal companies need to sort some of the rubbish. For example they have to separate paper from the rest. This is because they are not allowed to dump it together with everything else at the North Vancouver Transfer Station. If you have contractors doing renovations at your house, ask them to dump some of the junk in separate piles. This is true for green waste too. Junk removal companies have to dispose of it in a different ways and places.


But in general, get your junk in plastics bags. It is so much easier to carry it to the truck.


We all know how much it rains in North Vancouver. Junk removal companies have to pay fees at the transfer station based on weight. Also, heavier loads use more gas for their trucks. Leaving a couch on the rain for couple of days will cost them more and they will charge you more. If you have a couch or a mattress to dispose of but you have to leave it outside, get a tarp and cover it. This will save you some money. I hope this article will prove to be useful to you.

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